I’ve never liked learning. I want to know everything instantly, without going through the tedious process of actually learning the subject. And don’t get me started on remembering stuff!

So I decided to learn how to learn, a topic that we really should start with. One Master’s Degree and Higher Diploma later, along with teaching at a post graduate level and many years providing learning technical support, I decided to wage war on learning with the Brain Sponge Blog.

Dermot Barry, creator of BrainSpongeBlog.com

Brain Sponge Blog aims to help people who are lucky enough to have brains to use them efficiently and to help keep them functioning for longer. The brain is the most important piece of hardware that we will ever own and it does not come with a manual.

It’s ironic that we are expected to learn a myriad of topics but that no one teaches us the most important skill of all – how to learn effectively.

When we do learn something we then tend to promptly forget it!

Brain Sponge is your toolbox of tips, tricks, hacks and techniques to help you compete in a world where learning never stops!

However, knowing how to learn is not the only tool you need. Brain Sponge brings you the latest research on how to keep your brain healthy and how to hack your mind for best maximum performance. Your brain is the most important organ that you have, let’s try to understand it together.

So come along for the ride! Sign up for the newsletter and check back regularly. You never know what you’ll find.

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